Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Unbelievable Uyuni

After 24 hours of travel (from Miami to La Paz to Oruro to finally Uyuni) I arrived at this sleepy town in Southwest Bolivia around 5am. Went straight to Hostal Sajama and hit the sack hard. Finally acclimating to the high altitude I awoke at noon and went jeep tour shopping and waited for my friend Yoav to join me later on that night. He was with two Israelis and the next day we were on our way.

We took a three day jeep tour that brought us to th
e Salares de Uyuni (the largest salt fields in the world), the Island of Fishermen (an island covered in cacti in the middle of this sea of salt), and the Reserva Eduardo Avaroa where we saw geysers, dipped into hot thermal baths, saw the desert of Dali, as well as amazing lakes displaying many different colors. We saw llamas grazing in the fields, vicunas (wild llamas), and flamingos. We had an amazing guide named Renato who took us in his land cruiser and we played music, poker, and took in the beautiful scenery around us. There were six of us: myself, Yoav, the two Israelis (Nofar-nik and Guzi), Julian from France (Frenchy), and Eduardo from Spain (the Spaniard). We slept in a hotel made of salt and Renato cooked us wonderful meals.

I could not have pictured a better place to spend my 29th birthday. Enjoy pics and videos!