Thursday, February 26, 2009

Splitting those pants!

The quick funny story is that we climbed to the top of Huaynu Pichu which is the monstrosity of a mountain in the background of all the machu pichu famous postcard shots. We got to the top and were talking and sharing ¨mate¨(a type of argentinian tea) with these three pretty argentine girls when Yoav thought it would be a great idea for me to do a ¨jump.¨ Now what i mean by this is quite simple, whenever we would get to a nice lookout point, etc, and/or great scenery, i.e. desert, mountain in background, etc., we would do these jumps where it more or less looks like we are flying. There are many of these photos on Yoav´s Facebook page. Look him up.

So I said, sure, why not. Mind you there were about 30 or so people relaxing on a large rock under 10 feet away sharing snacks and just taking in the view. So I did a couple small pre-jumps so Yoav could adjust the frame accordingly and make sure to catch me. Then, it was time. I counted to three, and jumped up, spread my legs, doing the toe-touch that I have been accustomed to doing at this point, jumping as high and sticking my legs as far out as possible when suddenly FWACATA! An intensely loud sound erupted from the bottom of my pants and I was shocked. I came down, and grabbed the back of my shorts, in utter embarrassment, and made loud noises to add audio to the visual state of disbelief I was in. The entire crowd watching (including the 3 Argentine girls not 3 feet away from me) stood pretty motionless and noise-less as no one was pretty sure if I had just let the biggest one rip, OR I had just split my shorts in front of everyone. Luckily, I think, the latter is what happened. I lost it, laughing hysterically at the situation, as did Yoav, and within about 10 seconds so did the rest of the crowd. Pictures to come... because well.... Yoav got the whole thing on still motion. Another day in the life... on top of Machu Pichu no less... oy veh....

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