Monday, February 16, 2009

Best Name for a Lake EVER

Don't pretend you don't remember giggling every time you heard that South American lake's name in Social Studies class growing up. C'mon... titicaca. What's better than that? Well after years of dreaming of one daying seeing the lake that gave me and my immature friends such amusement back in the day... my dream came true. Lake Titicaca was a dream in itself. Being the higest navigable lake in the world, doing the hike on the Isla del Sol (Sun Island) was pretty breath-taking... wait for it... that's right... literally!

We bussed from La Paz to Copacabana (NOT the barry manilow one, that's in New York City, ya know, north of Havana). We hopped on a tiny boat and took 4 hours to get to the Sun Island. The horizon in the distance was nothing but lake and clouds. It seemed that we were above the clouds actually. We saw the Roca Sagrada (Sacred Rock) where it is believed the two ancient Incan gods came out of. We also saw an amazing laberynth of ruins as well as a sacrificial rock. Yoav and I would run every now and then, and we could not go more than 10 feet without huffing and puffing - due to the altitude of course. We had a great hike with some unimagineable views, pictures posted!

At night, we had dinner at the 20 hut town where we were staying at. We met Chileans, Argentinians, Canadians, you name it. We had dinner with 2 Argentinian ladies and 2 Chilean ladies which was an experience in and of itself. Speaking in Spanish the entire time, Yoav and I held our own and had very interesting conversations. It's these moments when I get some insight into the lives of other travellers from other countries around the world, that make these trips for me. Seeing the differences and more importantly the similiarities in our cultures is what makes the backpacker's journey so addicting. On an island in a lake on top of the world, much laughter was had as many drinks and stories were shared.

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  1. at the Copa, Copacabana, hottest spot north of Havana ..."
    (sorry, he was referring to a club in your fair home, not Rio)