Thursday, February 5, 2009

BO-livia... more like NO-livia

That's right, it's official. I have finally entered into the world of blogging, after having spent years doing what some would call v-logging. I felt it was time to "attempt" to take people with me on my journeys, though I never was a big fan of sitting in front of the computer while in foreign lands. We shall see how this goes...

So first fun story to report actually took place on the continent of NORTH America. I had a flight departing MIAMI INTERNATIONAL on Feb 4th at 11:00pm. I arrived at a cool 9:15pm and attempted to check-in. I was then instructed to show my yellow card certificate, and visa application. I ever-so-humbly stated that there was no need for this, and I had $100 cash to apply for my visa once I entered into the airport of La Paz, Bolivia because... ya know... I had done my research (read: 4 months ago).

Apparently, I missed a bit of fine print, whether or not it was there on the website is still up for debate. Yet after speaking with a manager, it was clear: if they let me get on the plane and go to Bolivia, without proper documents (yellow fever vaccination, 2x2 passport photos, hotel reservation, proof of financial sovency aka a credit card, and a visa application) I would be promptly deported and sent back from whence I came. I decided to take the kind American Airlines manager on his good word, and quickly took a cab back to my friends Lydia & Michael
's apartment and share the good news with the group of friends that I had just left not 30 minutes ago, that I got one more American night in me.

Following day: vaccination accomplished, printouts made, passport photos taken, and newly acquired materials in hand... I am ready to try again. You can't stop me now Bolivia!

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